Are Autism And Depression The Same?

Are Autism And Depression The Same?

Autism and depression are not the same as these two are distinct conditions that can occur in the same individual. According to our expert depression doctor in Siliguri, people mistake autism for depression or vice versa due to some overlapping traits of theirs. 

In both disorders, individuals have difficulty concentrating, lack of interest in socializing, insomnia, or have emotionless faces. Autism as a social impairment has a greater chance of encountering depression because of the possible social discrimination. 

What Are The Signs Of Depression In Autistic People? 

Identifying elements of depression in autistic patients requires good knowledge of both ailments. It is so because some signs of clinical depression like limited use of nonverbal communication, and social withdrawal are usual presentations of an autistic person. So, these features of autism often overshadow the potential signs of depression and lead to inaccurate or late diagnosis. 

Some Probable Signs Of Depression In Autistic Persons 
  • Withdrawal of interest from intellectually stimulating topics 
  • Excessive anger is an expression of depression 
  • Alexithymia or the limited use of verbal words to express their emotions 
  • Suppressing their emotions 
  • Suicidal thoughts or actions 
  • Depression attacks 
Treatment For Depression In Autistic Patients
The treatment of depression and other mental disorders in autistic patients is the same as in any other non-autistic patient. Regular therapies and medications from certified doctors can help in attaining the best depression and autism treatment in Siliguri. 


To get help with depressive symptoms autistic people receive multiple kinds of therapies. These therapies are a bit modified taking into consideration the differences in thinking, acting, behavior, and communication of autistic individuals. 

Such as the modified version of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for autistic patients has been proven effective. After attending full sessions of CBT, these patients learn to manage their depressive symptoms and cope with self-destructive negative thoughts. 


Medications like antidepressant pills or anti-anxiety drugs of appropriate dosage are prescribed to autistic persons. These medicines support them to deal with low moods, insomnia, or self-harm. However, in many cases, these antidepressants proved risky for autistic patients. So, only should be consumed after consulting the health professionals. 

Support Groups
Support groups like peer group support or discussion forums also help autistic people drain out their destructive thoughts and can take advice from those already in such a stage. These support group talks provide a safe space to express inner thoughts. 

To conclude, even though autism and depression are not the same thing but have many overlapping characteristics. Autistic persons have a higher risk of having depression because of genetic, environmental, or psychological causes. With early diagnosis and proper therapies and medications from health professionals, depression in autistic patients can be controlled.

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