Bipolar Disorder Treatment

Welcome to the esteemed practice of Dr. Twishampati Naskar, where our doctor provides professional treatment for bipolar disorder in Siliguri. Dr. Naskar is committed to giving people with bipolar disorder complete care and support. He has 7+ years of specialized knowledge and a compassionate approach. To help patients attain stability and enhance their quality of life, our advanced treatment strategy focuses on individualized care, medication management, therapy, and lifestyle adjustments. You can have faith in Dr. Twishampati Naskar's knowledge and dedication to embark on a stable mental health journey.
Bipolar Disorder

Understanding Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder, sometimes referred to as manic-depressive disease, is a complicated mental illness marked by intense emotional fluctuations that include sadness and manic or hypomanic highs. These mood swings can have a serious effect on a person's ability to function in daily life, their relationships, and their general quality of life. Although bipolar disorder is a chronic condition that needs to be managed for the rest of one's life, people with the right care can lead happy and fulfilling lives.

Dr. Twishampati Naskar: The Premier Choice for Bipolar Mood Disorder Treatment in Siliguri

Dr. Twishampati Naskar is dedicated to offering you unparalleled care with a holistic treatment approach and specialized expertise. The compassionate approach of your doctor is ideal for dealing with bipolar mood disorder in Siliguri. Your doctor tailors patient-centred care while utilizing a personalized approach and advanced technologies. Your unique health needs will always be addressed by our doctor for a long-term recovery and mental well-being. Dr. Naskar’s ongoing approach and commitment are highly trusted in the community. This is why our expert stands as the first choice for patients willing to avail of effective bipolar mood disorder treatment.

Effects on Individuals

It can be difficult to live with bipolar disorder and frequently calls for a combination of medication, counselling, dietary changes, and support from family, friends, and medical experts. Bipolar disease can cause severe distress, impairment in social and occupational functioning, substance misuse, and an increased risk of suicide if treatment and support are not received. Individuals with bipolar disorder can effectively control their symptoms and enjoy productive and satisfying lives with early intervention and continued care.

Understanding Bipolar Disorder Signs: A Comprehensive Exploration

Extreme Happiness

People with bipolar disorder may feel excessively happy, euphoric, or elated during manic or hypomanic episodes, which is out of proportion to the circumstances. They could have conceited notions or beliefs about their powers, feel unstoppable, and act impulsively or dangerously without thinking through the repercussions.

Anxiety and Enhanced Energy

An intense need to move or do things, restlessness, and agitation are common traits of manic or hypomanic episodes. People may have persistent feelings of being "wired" or "on edge," leading them to overindulge in hobbies or multitasking due to an abundance of physical and mental energy.


People with severe bipolar disorder may suffer from hallucinations or delusions, which are perceptions of hearing, seeing, or experiencing things that are not real, especially during manic episodes with psychotic symptoms. These hallucinations may cause erratic behaviour or poor judgement and can be upsetting or frightening.

Mood Swings

Symptoms of bipolar disorder include abrupt, severe mood swings that can happen at any time. During manic episodes, people may experience intense elation or euphoria; during depressed episodes, they may experience deep sadness or despair. These mood fluctuations can interfere with many parts of life and be difficult to control.

Rapid Speech and Thoughts

During manic episodes, individuals with bipolar disorder may experience rapid speech patterns and racing thoughts, which can make them unable to focus or concentrate on tasks. They may talk faster, move from one topic to another, and find it hard to organize thoughts or complete sentences. This rapid flow of ideas can make communication difficult for them and add to the feeling of agitation or frustration.

To get the best bipolar mood disorder treatment in Siliguri from your doctor, it is essential to determine the impacts and symptoms of the disorder. By detecting the pattern of signs, you can overcome the challenges associated with bipolar disorder while receiving the best resources and support.

Accessing Support and Resources

Supportive care and resources

Dr. Twishampati Naskar has the expertise to offer the best resources and supportive care to patients with bipolar disorder and their families in Siliguri. You can get the required educational materials and communicate with the support groups from our doctor, which can become leading assistance while you embark on a journey towards mental well-being.

Community engagement and educational resources

Your doctor is committed to providing you with a supportive community for patients with bipolar disorder in Siliguri. You can access various social forums, support groups, and educational resources from the doctor, which will help you connect with various individuals who will understand your situation and experiences.

Comprehensive Treatment Planning

Dr. Twishampati Naskar offers you the best patient-centred care that is exclusively tailored by considering your unique preferences and health needs. Our doctor adopts a comprehensive approach to treating various factors of bipolar disorder through lifestyle improvements, psychological therapies, medication management, and ongoing support to ensure long-term well-being for bipolar disorder patients in Siliguri.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Bipolar Disorder

Q. What are the main causes of bipolar disorder?

The exact cause of bipolar disorder is not yet determined but it is thought that the disorder can develop due to certain environmental influences, genetic predisposition, and neurobiological factors.

If you’re suffering from bipolar disorder then the most common symptoms you can experience include increased energy, excessive happiness, sudden mood swings, rapid thoughts, repetitive speeches, restlessness, and hallucinations.

Yes, you can avail the counselling sessions for bipolar disorder in Siliguri. Our licensed and experienced therapists specialise in treating bipolar disorder and can offer you the best support, coping strategies, and educational guidance to manage the distressing signs of the disorder. Indulging in counselling sessions will also enable you to promote mental well-being.

The most effective treatment options that you can get from Dr. Twishampati Naskar to treat bipolar disorder are lifestyle modifications, medications, and psychotherapy. Some of the common medications that the doctor may prescribe to handle the symptoms are antidepressants, mood stabilizers, and antipsychotics.

Supporting a near one with bipolar disorder involves encouraging treatment adherence, offering emotional support and empathy, and helping them connect with the best support groups. You can also learn about the disorder to support them in the best possible ways.

Some of the lifestyle modifications that can help you manage bipolar disorder include indulging in regular physical activity, maintaining a proper sleep schedule, avoiding substance abuse, and managing stress by practising relaxation techniques.

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